Paper Workshop CHI19

Next paper workshop: Wednesday, July 11th, 11:00AM; Room H20

!New! What is expected for this workshop:
  • Progress from last time (identified problems-> fixed)
  • An additional section of the paper (ideally Related Work, but it can be the section experimental design)


  • It is an efficient way to collect feedback from your colleagues about your project
  • It is an external motivation for writing the important parts of your paper
  • It significantly accelerate the writing process and the quality of the paper
  • It provides a global awareness of what your colleagues are doing.
  • This exercise is used in many (excellent) research groups around the world


  • Authors have to write some parts of the paper. We usually focus on the title, the abstract, the keywords and the introduction of the paper (and the figure 1 if it is relevant), but it might be the experimental design section, related work, etc.
  • Indicate explicitly which part of the paper should be reviewed.
  • Better is the writing, better will be the feedback
  • !New! Use the template of the conference:
  • At this stage (June), you should review all papers. When the deadline is approaching (September), and papers have more content, we assign ~3 reviewers per paper.
  • You should NOT spend more than 15 minutes on each paper.
  • You should focus on high-level comments such as “I do not understand that and that”, “what is the problem you address”, “what is the contribution”, “Where is the difficulty”, etc.
  • You should NOT focus on typos and grammar issues.
  • Be constructive


  • Authors should submit the papers:
    • 24h before the paper workshop on the HCI mailing list.
    • Use Pdf format
    • The name of the file is paperId_authorName.pdf
  • You have 24 hours to review the papers
  • During the group meeting, we provide feedback (~1h00)

How to write a research paper
!New! paper writing (google drive) et writingPaper