This page describes which documents are needed and which forms need to be filled to be hired at the HCI group. This page will grow as we gather experience on how the process differs depending on type of position and nationality of students or researchers.


The following documents need to be filled independent of your background or your position. Note that all documents are in French. However, the level of French required to fill these forms is very basic. In case of questions, please contact the person who confirmed that you will be hired.

  • A form collecting your basic personal information
  • A form to register with the financial department of the university

Together with these forms, you need to send the following documents:

  • A current CV
  • A copy of your passport or CNI (if you are French)
  • A copy of your highest diploma

French nationals and people who are already living in France

  • A confirmation that you are inscribed in the French social security (can be obtained on the website) and a copy of your carte vitale
  • A relevé d’indentité bancaire (RIB) (your bank information which can easily be obtained from any French bank)
  • People from EU member states other than France

    If you have not lived in France before, you will need to register with the French health insurance system and get a bank account. Both are only possible once you are in France.

    People from outside of the EU

    You need to apply for a visa to work with us. For post-docs, this starts by applying for a convention d’accueil. When sending the information indicated above to our administrative assistant, state clearly that you will need this document. The assistant will prepare the request for this document based on the forms indicated above. Your request will then be validated by the university and the prefecture de Paris. It will take about three weeks to receive the document once the request is sent. Once we receive it, we need to send you the original of this document with which you can then apply at the embassy/consulate of France in your country for a visa scientifique.

    Once you have your visa, please send a copy of the visa to the administrative assistant handling your file.