A lab doesn’t run on its own!


Job Description Person
Demos Making sure that we can demo all of our projects at any time Flavien and ?
HCI mailing list Managing members Yvonne
PhD defense help Helping with the admin and the pot The one defending next
Shared calendar Managing members Yvonne
Slack Managing members Aleks
Social events Organizing social events OPEN
Social media Taking the twitter handle Aleks
Weekly meeting
Adding entries on the shared calendar OPEN
Weekly meeting
Organizing who will present each week OPEN
Website accounts Managing members Yvonne
Add news to the website
1. New arrivals
2. Visitors
3. Papers submitted / accepted to conferences
4. Anything that people ask you to add
intranet structure
Making sure the intranet doesn’t collapse Nacho
Welcoming guests
  • Be the liason with the guest (e-mail)
  • Prepare their arrival
  • Prepare materials they need: reserve presentation room, coffee?