Weekly HCI Lab Meetings


The goal of our meetings is to teach students about HCI research, and to create a sense of community. Viva HCI! We alternate between four types of meetings.


Seminars is where we discuss how to conduct research. Each week we present a topic, and each group member has a chance to ask questions. Take this opportunity to reflect on how this week’s topic is related to your research. Resources about the topic are made available.

Journal Club

The Journal Club is where we discuss current and classic topics in HCI.

Student Presentations

Lead by students, this is a time to our research and receive feedback. Stuck on a study protocol? Tired of your data analysis? Present for 10 minutes and get 20 minutes of feedback from more than 10 brains.

Writing Workshops

In research writing is fundamental. Once a month, everyone submits a work-in-progress piece of writing, and everyone provides feedback.


2023 Calendar