Who we are

The HCI Sorbonne group exists since October 2016. We are a young, dynamic group of people working on human computer interaction (HCI) problems within the multidisciplinary Interaction team of the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) which belongs to the University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Sorbonne Universités cluster.

HCI is a multidisciplinary research field at the intersection between computer science, psychology, design, and engineering. Being embedded in a larger multidisciplinary lab puts us in a favorable position to collaborate in areas relevant to HCI such as smart workspaces or interactive robotics.

What we do

The goal of the HCI group is to understand how people perceive and interact with information and technologies and how to augment these technologies to increase users’ expertise or to generally support their cognition. For more information, see our research page.


Upcoming Events


The 10th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems takes place at UPMC

EICS 2018 is the tenth international conference devoted to engineering usable and effective interactive computing systems. The event is co-organized by Yvonne Jansen (CNRS/UPMC, technical program chair) together with Emmanuel Pietriga (Inria, general chair) and Kris Luyten (Hasselt University, general co-chair).

Previous Events



See our summer internships


UEIS 2017: New Trends in User Expertise and Interactive Systems

UEIS 2017 is the first International Symposium on User Expertise and Interactive Systems. UEIS is a place where researchers and practitioners from Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Experimental psychology discuss the latest trends in command selection and user expertise on PCs, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, tabletops and interactive walls

UEIS 2017 will take place at Sorbonne Université, Paris (France) the 31st October 2017.

website: www.hci.upmc.fr/hci/ueis17/



Guest Talk: Ignacio Avellino from ExSitu, Inria Saclay

Title: Remote collaboration across large interactive spaces
Where: ISIR Lab, Room H20
When: June 14, 10:00AM

Abstract: In my thesis, I study communication for remote collaboration across wall-sized displays, a technology that allows two collaborators to move in a large space and to interact using their bodies. These characteristics make traditional tools (e.g. a skype call) fall short. Informed by structured observation, I built CamRay, a system that uses camera arrays to capture user’s faces as they move, and display their video across a remote tiled wall-sized display. I study how to support different types of communication in remote collaboration by leveraging collaborator’s movement. I perform two main studies that inform the design of future systems for collaboration across wall-sized displays.

Short bio: Ignacio Avellino is a PhD Candidate at the ExSitu, Inria Saclay, under the supervision of Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Cédric Fleury. He was born in Uruguay where he obtained his computer engineer degree, working also in industry for one and a half years in software design and development. He completed a double-degree HCI master program, jointly at RWHT Aachen and UNITN Trento universities, where he focused on using everyday objects as input devices. Currently he is in his last year of his PhD thesis; his research focuses on enabling effective communication through technology.


Pedagogy & Physicalization – Workshop at DIS’17

Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations
The workshop is organized by Trevor Hogan, Uta Hinrichs, Yvonne Jansen, Samuel Huron, Pauline Gourlet, Eva Hornecker, and Bettina Nissen.
See the workshop website for more information.


Guest Talk: Justin Mathew from INRIA

Title: Interaction techniques for 3D audio production and mixing
Where: ISIR Lab, Room H20
When: May 31, 4:00PM

Abstract: There has been a significant interest in providing immersive listening experiences for a variety of applications, and recent improvements in audio reproduction have provided the capability for 3D audio practitioners to produce realistic and imaginative immersive auditory scenes. Even though technologies to reproduce 3D audio content are becoming readily available for consumers, producing and authoring this type of content is difficult due to the variety of rendering techniques, perceptual considerations, and limitations of available user interfaces. This presentation discusses work that investigated these issues through the development of a framework of design spaces from three different viewpoints: Ethnographic, Spatial Perception, and Interaction Design. From these three viewpoints, we identified design criteria required for 3D audio user interfaces that developed the framework of design spaces that could help designers better account for important dimensions in the design process, analyze functionalities, and significantly improve user interfaces for 3D audio production tools.

Short Bio: Justin D. Mathew is a current PhD student in the Mjolnir Team (Inria-Lille), LIMSI-CNRS, and Université Paris-Saclay working on visualization and interaction techniques for 3D audio production tools. He received his Bachelor’s of Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and his Master’s in Music Technology at New York University (New York, NY). His main interests are in the research and design of creative digital tools, 3D audio and graphics, and information retrieval applications.


Journée Interaction Homme-Machine et Intelligence Artificielle

L’Association Française pour l’Intelligence Artificielle (AFIA) et l’Association Francophone d’Interaction Homme-Machine (AFIHM) avec le soutien du Labex SMART organisent la troisième journée IHM et IA.
Quand: March 17, 2017
Où: Amphi 25, UPMC (more)

La participation est gratuite et ouverte à tous


Colloquium of computer Science of UPMC Sorbonne Universités

Michel Beaudouin-Lafon (Université Paris-Sud – LRI) is the next invited speaker of the colloquium in computer science of UPMC Sorbonne University.

Title: Interfaces Homme-Machine : Unifier les Principes pour Diversifier l’Interaction
Where: Amphi 25 Univsersité Pierre et Marie-Curie (more)
When: Tuesday, February 28, 2017: 6:00PM
This event is free and open to the public. A cocktail will take place at 5:15 in front of the Amphi 25.


SAHMI project proposal accepted

Following the January 2017 call for collaborative projects within the SMART labex, our proposal for SAHMI – Situated Analysis of Human-Machine Interaction in Smart Environments was accepted. The project involves researchers from ISIR, the Costech lab at UTC Compiègne, and gets research support from the INSEAD-Sorbonne University Behavioural Lab. The project will fund two post-doctoral researchers and one research engineer.


Guest Talk: Paul Strohmeier from University of Copenhagen

Title: Coupling Motion and Perception for Haptic Interfaces
Where: Room H20, ISIR, UPMC
When: January 17, 2017, 11:00AM


3 papers, 1 LBW, 1 demo, 1 T-Shirt Design Contest at ACM CHI 2017


Two journal articles presented at IEEE VIS

Both articles will appear in the January issue of Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 23 (1).