Welcome to the HCI Sorbonne group! If you’re starting as a master student, PhD, postdoc or permanent member, this page should help you get things done fast.

Who to talk to

  • Take a look at the lab jobs page
  • Start with the current master students and PhDs
  • For administrative questions, the ISIR assistants next to the front door should be able to help you
  • If you still don’t have an answer to your question, ask Gilles and Yvonne they are the most senior people

Your first day

  • Ask for an intranet account
  • Ask to join the hci mailing list
  • Join the shared calendar

Your first week

  • Write a welcome e-mail to hci@isir.upmc.fr where you introduce yourself. Mention your name, who you’re working with and something about your project. Also tell us about yourself!
  • Create your personal page and add your photo to the people page
  • Propose to take a job in the next weekly meeting
  • Get your key with the ISIR lab assistants
  • Get your lunch card

This page was developed following the Media Computing Group welcome page at RWTH Aachen. Thanks guys!