Guest Talk: Dezhi Wu from University of South Carolina

Title: The Effects of the Design of Mobile Security Notifications and Mobile App Usability on Users’ Security Perceptions
When : June 25, 3:00PM
Where: Sorbonne Université, Jussieu Campus, ISIR Lab, Room 304. More information

Abstract: The explosive global adoption of mobile applications (apps) has been fraught with security and privacy issues. App users typically have a poor understanding of information security; worse, they routinely ignore security notifications designed to increase security on apps. Lacking training regarding app security and ignoring app notifications concerning security behaviors cause users to form distorted and inaccurate security perceptions. By considering both mobile app interface usability and mobile security notification (MSN) design, we investigate how security perceptions of apps are formed and how these perceptions influence users’ intentions to continue using apps. Accordingly, we designed and conducted a set of controlled survey experiments with 317 participants in different MSN interface scenarios by manipulating the types of MSN interfaces (i.e., high vs. low disruption), the context (i.e., hedonic vs. utilitarian scenarios), and the degree of MSN intrusiveness (high vs. low intrusiveness). We found both app interface usability and the design of MSNs significantly impacted users’ perceived security, which in turn has a positive influence on users’ intention to continue using the app. In addition, we found an important conundrum that disruptive MSNs—a very common approach to delivering MSNs—irritate users and negatively influence their perceptions of app security. Thus, our results directly challenge current practice. If they hold, current practice must shift away from MSNs that interrupt task performance.
Short Bio: Dr. Dezhi Wu is currently an associate professor in the Department of Integrated Information Technology, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA. She earned her Ph.D. in Information Systems with a concentration on Human-Computer Interaction from New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Dr. Wu is a passionate and dedicated scholar in the information systems field, especially as it pertains to the intersection area among human-computer interaction, cybersecurity, health IT, and cyberlearning. Her academic work explores how users interact with computers, the Internet, robotics and smart devices, as well as other emerging technologies, to accomplish their goals. Her passion also extends to creating innovative and cutting-edge interfaces and designing transformative experiences that fill the gaps between users and today’s evolving technologies. Through all this, Dr. Wu engages and inspires her students through experiential learning methods to foster their lifelong learning experiences.
Language: English
Host: Gilles Bailly