Guest Talk: Justin Mathew from INRIA

Title: Interaction techniques for 3D audio production and mixing
Where: ISIR Lab, Room H20
When: May 31, 4:00PM

Abstract: There has been a significant interest in providing immersive listening experiences for a variety of applications, and recent improvements in audio reproduction have provided the capability for 3D audio practitioners to produce realistic and imaginative immersive auditory scenes. Even though technologies to reproduce 3D audio content are becoming readily available for consumers, producing and authoring this type of content is difficult due to the variety of rendering techniques, perceptual considerations, and limitations of available user interfaces. This presentation discusses work that investigated these issues through the development of a framework of design spaces from three different viewpoints: Ethnographic, Spatial Perception, and Interaction Design. From these three viewpoints, we identified design criteria required for 3D audio user interfaces that developed the framework of design spaces that could help designers better account for important dimensions in the design process, analyze functionalities, and significantly improve user interfaces for 3D audio production tools.

Short Bio: Justin D. Mathew is a current PhD student in the Mjolnir Team (Inria-Lille), LIMSI-CNRS, and Université Paris-Saclay working on visualization and interaction techniques for 3D audio production tools. He received his Bachelor’s of Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and his Master’s in Music Technology at New York University (New York, NY). His main interests are in the research and design of creative digital tools, 3D audio and graphics, and information retrieval applications.