Guest Talk: Lonni Besançon

Title: Automatic Visual Censoring: from Science-Fiction to Reality

Who: Lonni Besançon

Where: Sorbonne Université, Campus Jussieu, Room H20 (Pyramid)

When: November, 15. 16:00

Abstract: We present the first empirical study on using color manipulation and stylization to make surgery images/videos more palatable. While aversion to such material is natural, it limits many people’s ability to satisfy their curiosity, educate themselves, and make informed decisions. We selected a diverse set of image processing techniques to test them both on surgeons and lay people. While color manipulation techniques and many artistic methods were found unusable by surgeons, edge-preserving image smoothing yielded good results both for preserving information (as judged by surgeons) and reducing repulsiveness (as judged by lay people). We then conducted a second set of interview with surgeons to assess whether these methods could also be used on videos and derive good default parameters for information preservation.

Language: English